Frank Black and His Wife Become Grand Duchy

Frank Black and His Wife Become Grand Duchy
Apparently, when Frank Black isn't being pestered to reunite the Pixies, he's fast at work writing songs with his wife Violet Clark, who's gone from life partner to band-mate in the duo's new outfit, Grand Duchy. And hey what d'ya know? The rock'n'roll couple have an album all lined up for this spring.

Titled Petits Fours, Grand Duchy's debut full-length is due out April 14 via Cooking Vinyl and, from what we've heard, will feature the pair trading off on vocals as Clark provides some synth action and Black does his, well, Black thing.

If you're at all curious about why the couple are naming their band after a territory led by a grand duke or grand duchess, such as the world's only remaining grand duchy Luxembourg, Black provided the following explanation:

"We fantasized about the future, about success, as new bands do, and decided during a drive to the studio that we would take any proceeds and make a down payment on a house in Luxembourg (for some strange reason, I can't remember now - perhaps my longstanding obsession with micro states). I guess that's where the name Grand Duchy came from.

"Maybe that's where we will come from one day. Crossroads of Europe. Near to here and there, but far from Oregon. Cold, grey Oregon. I guess Luxembourg isn't exactly St. Tropez, either. But we could rule our garage rock synth chick non-stop erotik poussez-poussez dominion from a place like that. Just a little place on the river, in the ravine, in the trees, in the stars. Our pied-de-terre. A place to stop on our way to your European nite klub."

Well, with that now settled, here's the tracklist to Petits Fours:

1. "Come On Over to My House"
2. "Lovesick"
3. "Fort Wayne"
4. "Seeing Stars"
5. "Black Suit"
6. "The Long Song"
7. "Break The Angels"
8. "Ermesinde"
9. "Volcano! "

Grand Duchy "Come On Over to My House"