Frank Black Collects His Work with the Catholics on New Box Set

Frank Black Collects His Work with the Catholics on New Box Set
Three years in the making, Frank Black's long-promised career-encompassing box set with his backup band the Catholics is finally hitting the marketplace.

Fittingly titled Frank Black & the Catholics: The Complete Recordings, the package arrives as a seven-CD box set through Cooking Vinyl on March 23.

A press release explains that the collection covers all of the band's full-lengths, including their self-titled set from 1998, 1999's Pistolero, 2001's Dog in the Sand, 2002 releases Black Letter Days and Devil's Workshop, and 2003's Show Me Your Tears. A bonus disc dubbed True Blue features demo sessions that had been recorded ahead of Black Letter Days.

If you were hoping to sit down with collection and listen to the group's career front-to-back, that could be an issue. According to Black, the box set has been sequenced alphabetically, because why the hell not?

"It feels like an approximation of randomness, and it's a way to randomize something, especially if it's titles," he explained in a statement, adding of the decisions, "We get away from the preciousness of the so-called LPs we put out and its more about the body of work we did, the good times that we had."

You'll find all of the confusing details to the box set tracklisting over here