Franco Falsini's 'Cold Nose' Unearthed by Spectrum Spools

Franco Falsini's 'Cold Nose' Unearthed by Spectrum Spools
In 1975, Polydor Records released Cold Nose, a soundtrack by Italian composer Franco Falsini. The music was originally recorded for a film called Cold Nose Story that never saw a wide release. Still, Falsini's soundtrack has become a cult favourite, which is why we're pleased to report that it will be receiving a proper reissue via the ever-consistent Spectrum Spools imprint.

Best known for his work with the prog group Sensations' Fix, Cold Nose was Falsini's first solo work. As a press release explains, "Falsini applied many experimental methods to his recording process, including a mechanism borrowed from the Bio-Electronic Meditation Society, which would monitor his brain activity in the studio. Only when his brain would produce Alpha/Theta waves would he begin to write and commit his music to tape."

Remastered by Falsini himself from the original tapes, Spectrum Spools will offer up the first pressing of the album in over 30 years. The reissue will be available on March 20 and can be pre-ordered here.

Cold Nose:

1. "Cold Nose 1"
2. "Cold Nose 2"
3. "Cold Nose 3"