Framework "It's Killing Me"

Framework 'It's Killing Me'
Dub beats drive expertly chopped and filtered R&B vocals in Framework's debut tune, "It's Killing Me." Stylistically, "It's Killing Me" shares characteristics with a number of contemporary EDM productions -- the juxtaposition of a late '90s glitch influence, vocal manipulation that leans into atmospherics, dub beats and underlaying synth pads -- but it's about time the rule book got torn up.

While the Montreal artist's "It's Killing Me?" isn't revolutionary -- to add to the rule book metaphor, it's more like it's been water damaged -- the song is less representative of an aural shift than it is effective in appealing to both attentive and casual listeners of EDM. There's an unhinged quality that haunts the track courtesy of a manipulated synth pad (which enters around the one-minute mark) that could potentially bridge the mid-heavy dubstep that has taken North American clubs by storm and the subtler, experimental garage-inspired beats that find prominence in the UK.

"It's Killing Me" isn't the redefinition of bass/future R&B, but it succeeds as a fresh and somewhat visceral take on the genre that falls neatly in between the tastes of clubbers and headphone junkies.

There is no word on proper release yet, as the track was posted online independently, although you will soon be able to find the debut single "I'm Sorry" (forthcoming on Numbers) from Framework's full-time project as part of production duo Sibian and Faun.

Listen to "It's Killing Me" by Framework below.

It's Killing Me by FRAMEWORK