forest. "Don't Go There"

forest. 'Don't Go There'
Ottawa's forest. (yes, there is a period at the end) may appear understated with their uncapitalized name, but their experimental progressive rock is anything but. That will become evident when the world can experience their F L O W EP, out June 26. Fortunately, you can go there now, as Exclaim! has the premiere of "Don't Go There."
While the song starts subtly with spacey piano, noodling guitars and appropriately accenting drums, it's all in the name of dynamics, as a piano/vocal break swells to a more overstated rocking section before seguing back into subdued territory to conclude. In typical prog-rock fashion, the lyrics are as nuanced as the music, telling a story of a character's struggle with addiction.
Vocalist/pianist Paolo Pace explains, "The song speaks to both the pain being suffered by the main character and his search for redemption. The character is fighting an addiction, hoping to escape the demons and feeling shame at giving in to its power. He knows not only that he must break free, but also that he deserves to break free."
Hear the track in the player below, accompanied by a time-lapse of the stars. The band are also having an EP release show on June 26 at Ottawa's Live on Elgin.