Foals "A Knife in the Ocean" (lyric video)

Foals 'A Knife in the Ocean' (lyric video)
"What came of the things we once believed," Foals singer Yannis Philippakis asks in "A Knife in the Ocean," the latest preview track from his band's forthcoming What Went Down LP. Though the question's fairly rhetorical, that might be okay. After all, a new lyric video shows us more tangible things getting blown the fuck up.

There's a looming sense of doom in the tune, where the band warns "the fire may come, but we'll be just fine." The calm before the firestorm, as it were, puts on display crashing waves before a nearby lodging explodes in time to the single's cranked-amp chorus.

The beach party-style aftermath seems to imply all is well, or perhaps that heaven is full of girls in swimsuits.

Foals' What Went Down makes it to stores, possibly unscathed, by August 28 via Warner Bros./Transgressive Records.