First Solar-Powered Record Pressing Plant Opens in Florida

Photo: Amanda Bemis

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 22, 2024

The vinyl pressing industry is a notoriously wasteful one, but a new plant in Gainesville, FL, has taken steps to lessen its carbon footprint.

In celebration of Earth Day, Audiodrome Record Pressing opens its doors today (April 22). Its arrival is historic, marking the first fully solar-powered vinyl pressing plant in the United States.

On top of its solar-powered facility, Audiodrome will also cut down on its environmental impact by using seamless record pressers that don't burn fossil fuels, using recycled PVC from trimmed and rejected records, using shrink-wrap alternatives for exterior packaging and recycling shipping materials, among other sustainable considerations.

"Creativity is an essential part of our humanity and there is something about vinyl records that people find meaningful," co-founder Betsy Bemis said in a press release. "They allow us to physically participate in the experience and build a tangible connection between the artist and the listener in a way that no other format does. It can be a beautiful thing. But the environmental cost of communion doesn't have to be so high."

According to Audiodrome's website, their boutique plant caters to artists of all levels, and lists a transparent walkthrough of what first-time pressers can expect. 

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