Fennesz Preps Live Box Set

Fennesz Preps Live Box Set
Last year, Austrian soundscaper Christian Fennesz scored filmmaker Edgar Honetschläger's AUN: The Beginning and End of All Things. Not only did that score get released as a stand-alone soundtrack, it is now being documented with a live box set.

The set is called 17.02.12, and it's out this month through Song Cycle. It includes both double-vinyl and CD formats of Fennesz's performance at Museo Marini in Florence on February 17, 2012, plus a 12-page photo book. There's also a DVD of Walter Ruttmann's 1927 silent film Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis), a film that Fennesz has soundtracked during performances.

A press release describes the set like this: "This album is a recording of Fennesz performing some of [the AUN] soundtrack at a concert held at the Museo Marini in Florence, Italy in February 2012 — hypnotizing an audience with layers of treated guitar phrases, guiding listeners towards the sensual realm."

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Thanks to FACT for the tip.