Fennesz Discusses New Projects, "In the Fishtank" Collab With Sparklehorse

Fennesz Discusses New Projects, 'In the Fishtank' Collab With Sparklehorse
Not resting on the release of Black Sea late last year, Austria's leading laptop artist, Fennesz has a full slate of activities for the the first quarter 2009.

"In February, I'm going to Tennessee to play in a festival [Big Ears '09] in Knoxville. And after that it will be Japan and then touring in Europe," he told Exclaim! in a recent interview.

On the studio side, he is doing some soundtrack recording, both for a work by experimental Austrian filmmaker Gustav Deutsch and "another soundtrack for a Japanese science fiction movie. That's really interesting stuff," he added.

In the can and ready for release, however, is "a record I did with Sparklehorse that's coming out on the Konkurrent label. They do a series called In the Fishtank where they put a couple of artists in the studio and you have to finish an album in two days."

The Konkurrent label, and studio, is shepherded by Luc Klassen, a former member of the Ex. Previous match ups have included Low + Dirty Three, and Sonic Youth + I.C.P. + the Ex. The Fennesz + Sparklehorse Fishtank session is due out in March.

Fennesz "Caecilia"