Félix Dyotte 'Félix Dyotte' (album stream)

Félix Dyotte 'Félix Dyotte' (album stream)
Though he's long been a part of the Quebecois music scene, Montreal composer Félix Dyotte is only now releasing his self-titled debut album as a solo artist  — and Exclaim! is streaming the record a week before it comes out.
Dyotte rose through the Montreal music scene in the late '90s as part of the Undercovers — who would go on to become the Stills. Opting instead to stick to making music in his native tongue, Dyotte formed francophone outfit Chinatown and spent the better part of the 2000s recording and touring with the band. Now he's set to unveil his latest project to the world — one that's entirely his own.
On his eponymous debut LP, Dyotte delivers a "sensible, sincere, and soft" collection of songs. His folksy Francophone singing is backed by acoustic guitar, whimsical percussion and string arrangements on album opener "Telephone." Lead single "Avalanches," packs an indie rock-tinged punch, though female vocal harmonies keep it sweet-sounding. Other tracks show off the songwriter's synthier, psychedelic side ("Hologramme," "Ma Vie Au Lit," "Ce Frisson La"), while the acoustic folk vibes return on "Petit Regret" and "Egares."
But whatever influences weave their way in, the album never strays from delivering radiant, melodic pop.
Félix Dyotte is officially out on May 4 via Coyote Records, and you can catch him performing live on May 6 for an album release show at the Emerald in Montreal. For now, though, give the album an early listen in the player below.

You can pre-order a copy from the artist's Bandcamp page or iTunes.