Favourite Metal Albums

Favourite Metal Albums
1. Deftones Diamond Eyes (Reprise)
A return to the heavier style that dominated albums like "Around the Fur" and the self-titled album. "Diamond Eyes" and "Rocket Skates" are two immediately grabbing tracks that set a solid pace for the rest of the album. The first album the band recorded without long-time bassist Chi Cheng could have been problematic, but this sounds as solid and polished as any previous Deftones album.
Mark Bertolini, Brampton ON

Brutally heavy, incredibly melodic, and groovy beyond words. Plus "You've Seen The Butcher" might just be the sexiest heavy song ever written.
Josh White, Halifax NS

2. Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis (Season of Mist)
With each Dillinger album comes the question "How did they manage to go poppier without selling out?" Well maybe because they keep making complex, rich and lively albums filled with tons of influences and that they just dare to go where most bands wouldn't want to.
Alex Pelchat, Montreal QC

3. High On Fire Snakes For the Divine (E1)
Much more complex, yet melodic, than their previous efforts, Snakes for the Divine is the result of a veteran metal band. Solid guitar riffs, raw vocals, and intense drumming give birth to a great album.
Brett Smith, Saskatoon SK

Pummelling monolithic guitar fury backed by vocals from beyond and tribal drumming from the abyss, HOF rip in every way.
Mark Nicholson, Toronto ON

4. Melvins The Bride Screamed Murder (Ipecac)
Buzz and the boys are the new Buck Owens and his Buckeroos. Unbelievably tight and inventive.
Joe Zucchiatti, Whitehorse YK

5. Torche Songs For Singles (Hydra Head)
Have you ever heard listened to an album and thought, "I could really go for starting a band that do nothing but try and sound like this EP for the next ten years or so"? Yeah, that's what I thought too!
Jonathan Wood, Fredericton NB

This will make metal heads mad.
Edward Gionet, Oshawa ON