Family Band "Moonbeams" (video)

Family Band 'Moonbeams' (video)
Love's not just for the living, or at least that's the message conveyed in New York folk unit Family Band's new video for "Moonbeams," off the group's recently released Grace & Lies LP.

The video, which you can see below, showcases a courtship between a pair of skeletons. It starts with a manly, flesh-stripped corpse rising from the ground, only to find a sexy set of ladybones awaiting his arrival.

Some of the ghouls' googly-eyed activities include nicking a skateboard and bicycle from living couple, blasting their way down a country road, and then getting jumpy on a big, old trampoline. When it comes to the point where the two ask each other "your place or mine?" the skele-dude offers up his earthy abode six feet below.

You can check the afterlife love story, scored by Family Band's moody and melodious ballad, down below.

Grace & Lies is out now on No Quarter Records.