Fake Shark Real Zombie 'Liar' (album stream)

Fake Shark Real Zombie 'Liar' (album stream)
Vancouver's Fake Shark Real Zombie have kept us waiting for quite a while since their 2010 release Meeting People Is Terrible, but the wait is about to come to an end. The band will spread the love with a digital Valentine's Day release (February 14) of their third full-length album, Liar, followed by a February 19 physical album release via Light Organ Records. We got our grubby little hands on the entire album, but don't worry — we're sharing. Listen to Liar right here, right now at Exclaim.ca.

This album takes a decidedly different approach from their past material thanks to frontman Kevvy Mental, who says the changes are all in the name of evolution. The band are moving away from their hardcore roots, embracing a new freak-pop direction with soul, Motown, hip-hop, and old-school punk rock influences.

Standout tracks such as "Fuck Kevvy" features the Fake Shark Real Zombie expressing himself in a way unheard on previous albums. He explained in a statement, "I write records for myself, as if I were trying to come up with my favourite record, and the types of things that satisfy me."

Elsewhere, "Get Weird" and "As Far As I Got" are most heavily influenced by hip-hop, and "Boys" and "Girls" are poppier tracks punctuated by Kevvy's playful and witty lyrics.

Along with the new sound, Liars features quite a few new guests, including Mindless Self Indulgence's Jimmy Urine, Care Failure of Die Mannequin, Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays, and Henry Rollins.

Fake Shark Real Zombie will be in Toronto for Canadian Music Week with two scheduled dates. See those below.

Tour dates:

3/20 Toronto, ON - Annex Wreck Room (11 p.m.)
3/22 Toronto, ON - Clinton's Tavern (1 a.m.)