Factory Records Celebrated with 'FAC. DANCE 02' Comp Featuring the Wake, Durutti Column, A Certain Ratio

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 29, 2012

Last year, Strut Records took a look back at some of Factory Records' finest dancefloor-filling moments with the FAC. DANCE compilation. Now, Strut is looking to do the same with a second volume in the series. Logically titled FAC. DANCE 02, the two-disc compilation is due out September 17.

A press release notes that the songs on this set occupy the middle ground between "tunes and beats" and "intellectual rigour." There are 24 tracks in all, including rare versions and twelve-inch dance mixes, and the album reportedly "fleshes out Factory's varied early forays into dance territory, widening the spectrum yet further from volume one."

Among the noteworthy artists who pop up here are the Wake, the Duritti Column, Section 25, A Certain Ratio, ESG, Minny Pops, Anna Domino, Royal Family and the Poor, and more.

See the tracklist below, and note that the digital version will include five tracks that don't appear on the CD or LP versions. On the other hand, the physical formats will include notes from Factory biographer James Nice, along with rare photos.


Disc 1:

1. A Certain Ratio - "The Fox"
2. ESG - "Moody"
3. Minny Pops - "Blue Roses"
4. Thick Pigeon - "Babcock + Wilcox"
5. Biting Tongues - "Meat Mask Separatist"
6. Sir Horatio - "Sommadub"
7. X-O-Dus - "Society"
8. The Durutti Column - "Self Portrait"
9. Section 25 - "Knew Noise"
10. Shark Vegas - "You Hurt Me"
11. Fadela - "N'sel Fik"
12. Kalima - "Land of Dreams"

Disc 2:

1. 52nd Street - "Can't Afford (Unorganised Mix)"
2. Nyam Nyam - "Fate"
3. A Certain Ratio - "Lucinda"
4. ESG - "Your No Good"
5. Swamp Children - "Softly Saying Goodbye"
6. Quando Quango - "Go Exciting (12" mix)"
7. Surprise - "In Movimento"
8. Anna Domino - "Take That"
9. The Wake - "Host"
10. Royal Family and the Poor - "Vaneigem Mix"
11. Section 25 - "Sakura"
12. Ad Infinitum - "Telstar"

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