Eytan Tobin 'Exclaim! Mix 02'

Eytan Tobin 'Exclaim! Mix 02'
For the second instalment of Exclaim!'s all-Canadian mix series, we're very excited to bring Eytan Tobin to the floor. He's a key member of Toronto's Bedroomer collective, a group of artists, producers, and DJs whose members include Hudson Alexander, Lum, Kare, Internet Daughter and Carson Teal, to name a few.

Their parties are a weirdo's dream, ranging from comfy-clothed sleepovers to body-part-themed sweatboxes decorated with papier-mâché genitals. If Bedroomer has a modus operandi, it's inclusivity: they're not pegged by one style or one type of person. They come across more like a gathering of oddball foragers than anything else — sifting through the detritus of wayward pop and Internet off-spill to build something entirely new.

And so, as you might expect, Exclaim! Mix 02 plays like an archetype for the collective as a whole, rolling through a number of styles in its hour-and-40-minute runtime. Opening with some sullen vocal cuts, the mix eventually gives way to frantic footwork and jungle, before closing off with dirty trap and hip-hop.

The whole thing is then peppered with gratuitous gunshots, acid warbles, a healthy dose of ghetto-rave and a few Bedroomer goodies to boot, some of which are from the EMO EDITS tape that's set to drop tomorrow (January 13).

Check out the mix below, along with some words from Tobin and the tracklist.

If this mix seems long, it's because I had a lot to get out. 2016 was kind of a... weird year. I split this up into a few sections so I could cover a lot of the music I've been working on — my peers and Bedroomer pals music + a lot of favorites and inspiration from the past year. The first part is just stuff in the slower realm; I tried to start it off moody. Around the 23-minute mark it kicks into some footwork, which leads on to jungle and DnB. I close off the mix with trap-leaning styles, hip-hop etc. — a lot of Internet Daughter who I've been collabing with heavily this year. You can probably catch me doing at least one of these styles in the club when I'm on my own or with my best DJ friends.

I sprinkled in bootlegs that I'm releasing in early January. I'm hoping for a good (clean) start to 2017 so I don't have to bore folks in 2018. Stay tuned for maybe less Bedroomer showcases in the beginning of the new year but a lot of music from the roster 100%. The family has been quietly and very organically growing over the last while.

Eytan Tobin - Exclaim! Mix 02:

1. "Backbone" - Bénédicte
2. "Red" - XXYYXX
3. "City Hummingbird (Club Mix)" - Jam City
4. "Megga Millionz" (ft. Dai Burger )- Honnda
5. "WORK" - ????
6. "NA In A Mood" - NA
7. "Nu Metall" - KABLAM
8. "New Romantic" - Andy Stott
9. "Burnt Skin" - Ana Caprix
10. "Blue Smoke" - Ex-Terrestrial
11. "Nosqua" (ft. Lum) - Eytan Tobin
12. "h1l1ghts" - Eytan Tobin
13. "Track Bit" - Bizzy Bee
14. "The Ultimate" - RP Boo
15. "SHOWME<3" - Eytan Tobin
16. "You're a Positive Motivating Force" (ft. GHIBLI) - Eytan Tobin
17. "Nowbreakk" ft. Heavey Dee - Dj Earl
18. "Way She Move" - Kush Jones
19. "Pedestrians" - SIMPIG
20. "No Love" (main bitch mix) - DMY
21. "Hol' Uh" - Los & Swisha
22. "Disappearance" - Jakub Lemiszewski
23. "PASS DAT REMIX" - Dj New Jersey Drone
24. "9 HUNNAH 16'" - Kush Jones
25. "Blame Kills You" - PZG & Dubsknit
26. "Pontifex" - ANDREW JUKE
27. "Fix Me" - Pixelord
28. "I Feel Light feat. Kare & Veles" (Fil Jackson remix) - Eytan Tobin
29. "Memory" - Beatnok
30. "Bone Deep" - Greazus & Sinistarr
31. "Katong" (Diphasic Remix) - Kiat
32. "End Of Days (VIP)" - Stranjah
33. "Eytan Tobin" 1990remix - Cipralexx
34. "#boytoy instrumental" - Internet Daughter
35. "Tell U" - Machinedrum
37. "So Over It" - Jubilee
38. "Black Miasma" - Alfred English
39. "Horror Show Style" - Flowdan
40. "Bad Feeling" - Aquarian
41. "Dream Baby Dream" - Wizard Of
42. "Evaa" - scheme
43. "ESCAPE" ft. Teddy Fantum - Internet Daughter, Eytan Tobin
44. "Low Rider" - Spooky & Boylan
45. "Kitana" (Prod. Atrak & Lex Luger) - Princess Nokia
46. "Luka" - Dark0
47. "SUBZERO" - Letta
48. "Servin" - K9
49. "Still Here" (James Deen's Rainbow Road Version) - Drake
50. "HOOD MIMOSAS" (ft. O Billz & Jackson) - beat sampras
51. "Acid Trap" - Internet Daughter, Eytan Tobin
52. "Put That Dubstep Away" - Eytan Tobin
53. "2 way" - Internet Daughter
54. "DBLCRSS" (SLEEPYCATT Remix) - Young Moses ft. LEO
55. "The Number Song" (Lee Bannon Remix) - DJ Shadow