Exclaim!'s Top Christmas Gifts for Indie Kids

Exclaim!'s Top Christmas Gifts for Indie Kids
Here at Exclaim!, we're making it our duty to help you with the strenuous task of buying Christmas gifts for your friends of all musical persuasions. And if you're like us, you have some indie-rock-loving hipsters in your family. While an Urban Outfitters gift certificate would probably hit the nail right on the head, we thought we'd go the extra mile and suggest some things that are a bit more creative. That way, you'll look like such a thoughtful person on the big day.

Exclaim!'s Top Christmas Gifts for Indie Kids:

Mount Eerie Photo Prints
Mount Eerie fans tend to get a little fanatical, so it's sometimes hard to find a release that they don't have. Fortunately, Phil Elverum went through his vast collection of photography and made exquisite 40-inch-by-56-inch prints. There's only one photo left, but for $150, it's the sort of limited gift that a hardcore fan would flip out over.

No Age Emerica Sneakers
Everyone's favourite L.A. fuzz rockers teamed up with artsy skateboarder Mark Templeton to release some vegan-friendly custom skate shoes that actually look great. How much of a no-brainer do you need?

Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records
Taking an in-depth look at the origin of Merge Records, this book traces the label from its humble beginnings to its current status as one of the most important major indies around today. Plus, it's loaded with great photography and some of the best quotes we've read in ages.

Pixies Minotaur Box Set
The Minotaur box set collects all four of the Pixies' classic albums, along with a deluxe booklet and so many more goodies. Available in an expensive, hand-numbered limited edition or a more affordable deluxe edition, the box set will bring tears of joy to a Pixies fan no matter which version you choose.

New Turntable
A new turntable is a amazing gift for the vinyl enthusiast in your life, but do them a favour and avoid those flimsy USB record players they hawk at the mall. We recommend the sturdy but affordable Stanton T.62. Sure, it doesn't communicate with your computer, but it plays records like it's supposed to.

Flaming Lips Christmas Ornament
The Flaming Lips made a Christmas ornament? It's a creepy metallic baby called the Silver Trembling Fetus? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Nirvana Live at Reading DVD
This DVD of Nirvana's legendary 1992 performance at the British music festival documents the trio at the top of their game. Captured less than a year after they released Nevermind, they were the biggest band in the world but weren't yet totally jaded by fame.

The Indie Rock Coloring Book
With pictures inspired by Iron & Wine, MGMT, Broken Social Scene and more, it's perfect for young music fans who can name all of Pavement's pre-Matador EPs but don't yet know how to spell Pavement.

Real Nine Inch Nails Gear
Now that Nine Inch Nails will no longer be touring, Trent Reznor is auctioning off the industrial rock outfit's old gear. Items can be pricey, but they include everything from a flashy Gibson Les Paul to a utilitarian power rack.

Vintage Casiotone
Chad VanGaalen, Little Girls, Hot Chip - these days, everyone is using glitchy keyboards from the '80s. The best part is that the older and cheaper the keyboard, the better.