Exclaim's Boxing Day Guide to Canadian Record Stores

Exclaim's Boxing Day Guide to Canadian Record Stores
Christmas is over, but the holiday festivities aren't done quite yet, since Boxing Day is here. For music fans that only means one thing: hitting up all the local record shops in search of some sweet deals.

As usual, stores across Canada will be enticing bargain hunters with discounted prices, meaning that you'll have a chance to pick up some new music without having to break the bank.

To make things easy for you, Exclaim! reached out to some of the country's leading indie retailers and got the scoop on their Boxing Day sales this year. This list (which is alphabetical by city name) is by no means complete, but it will give folks in cities across the country some idea of where they will find the best prices on some new tunes.

Exclaim's Boxing Day Guide to Canadian Record Stores:


Sloth Records
(736B 17th Ave. SW)

Sloth Records will be offering 50% off all used LPs, 50% off all T-shirts, and 25% off all DVDs. As for new CDs, LPs, 7-inches and books, they will all be 15% off. This is in addition to a used CD blowout in which second-hand discs are two for $5. The sale runs from December 26 to 31, although look for Boxing Day (December 26) to have slightly higher discounts.

Melodiya Records
(2523A 17th Ave. SW)

Shoppers at Melodiya will get 25% off new items and 50% off used items between December 26 and 31.


Back Alley Music
(69 University Ave.)

All new vinyl and CDs at Back Alley Music will be marked down by 10%, while used music will be 15% off.


Blackbyrd Myoozik
(10442 82 Ave. NW)

On December 26, Blackbyrd Myoozik will offer 20% off new products and 50% off all used products.


Taz Records
(1593 Market St.)

Taz Records will host a Boxing Week sale from December 27 to 31 with 20% off all products in the store.

Obsolete Records
(2454 Agricola St.)

As of press time, Obsolete was planning to do a Boxing Week sale with no tax on any item in the store.


(207 Rue Bernard O)

Everything in Phonopolis will be 15% off for the whole of Boxing Week, from December 26 to 31.

Cheap Thrills
(2044 Rue Metcalfe)

Between December 26 and 31, almost all items in Cheap Thrills will be marked down by 25%.


Vinyl Diner
(628 Broadway Ave.)

All stock in Vinyl Diner will be 20% off for Boxing Day.


Rotate This
(801 Queen St. W)

Rotate This will be having a Boxing Day sale, but the specifics had not been worked out by press time. We advise you show up and hope you get lucky!

(572 College St.)

On December 26, Soundscapes will be offering 15-25% of all CDs, DVDs, vinyl and books, with the discount depending on how much you spend (the more you buy, the more you save). From December 27 to 31, the discounts will be between 10% and 20%.


(2016 Commercial Dr.)

New vinyl at Audiopile will be marked down by 20%, while used vinyl and CDs will be marked down by 40% on December 26. This same sale also took place on December 24, which came as good news for anyone doing a little last-minute shopping.

Red Cat Records
(4332 Main St.)

All items in Red Cat's store (except for concert tickets) will be 20% off on December 26.

Zulu Records
(1972 West 4th Ave.)

On December 26, Zulu will be offering 25% off all regular priced CDs and LPs. This goes for new, used and collectors items. Between December 27 and 31, this discount will fall to 20%.


Music Trader
(97 Osborne St.)

On Boxing Day, Music Trader will mark down all catalogue DVDs, Blu-Rays and used CDs by 25%.