Exclaim!'s 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2012

Exclaim!'s 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2012
Now that we have those best records of 2011 out of the way, we're ready to start digging into all of the great Canadian albums that 2012 will soon have to offer. The new year only just began, and we've already got a ton of stuff that we're excited about.

We were planning to do another Top 10 list like last year, but there is just so much great stuff that we can't bear to list any less than 20 (even though there are even more great-looking Canadian albums heading our way in 2012 not listed here). Seriously, 2012 looks as if it's going to be yet another amazing year for Canadian music, so join us in this little preview of what we're going to be treated to in the coming months.

Exclaim!'s 20 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2012:

20. Memoryhouse
The Slideshow Effect (February 28)
(Sub Pop)

We've been getting occasional low-key releases from these Guelph, ON-based dream poppers from a couple of years now, so it's about time that they dropped their debut LP. They will finally do so with this ten-song offering, which looks to scale back their signature hazy reverb in favour of front-and-centre vocals. The band have jokingly described their new sound as "Taylor Swift with Built to Spill as her backing band."

19. K-os
BLack on BLonde
(Universal Music Canada)

The rapper also known as Kevin Brereton has been talking about this one since 2010, when he promised it would arrive in 2011. Now, he's projected a 2012 release. He recently told Waterloo, ON student paper Imprint, "It's supposed to be a double album. I have a lot of songs right now and I'm trying to figure it out. The idea is two albums: the BLack album is supposed to be all hip-hop and R&B and the BLonde album rock'n'roll. But I feel people's attention spans are so short I don't know if I want to do a double album. I just wanted to separate the music."

18. The Elwins
And I Thank You (February 21)
(label TBA)

The Ontario indie pop outfit have already won us over with their energetic sound, so we're more than ready for their debut album. We're not entirely sure when this is going to arrive, but the band have already played us some songs during a Live from Exclaim! session, and we're plenty excited.

17. Bahamas
Barchords (February 7)

Toronto-based songwriter Afie Jurvanen earned no shortage of acclaim with his folksy 2009 effort Pink Strat, and now he's getting ready to drop the follow-up. This sophomore album apparently offers more folk tunes alongside blues- and pop-influenced tracks. We're hoping that it's also got a touch of his stripped-down live performances, since dude can seriously wail on an electric guitar.

16. Chains of Love
Strange Grey Days (release date TBA)
(Dine Alone Records)

This Vancouver soul-rock troupe earned plenty of attention in 2011 with their catchy, pop-friendly sound and singer Nathalia Pizarro's impressively wailing vocals. Now with some stellar label support, look for 2012 to be an even bigger year for these up-and-comers. Not a lot is known about this debut EP, but look for it to arrive early in the year.