The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Gifts for the Urban Hipster

The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Gifts for the Urban Hipster
Illustration by Ben Shannon
The quicker you get your shopping out of the way, the more quality time you'll have to spend with eggnog, gingerbread cookies and ridiculously named holiday beers (and your family and friends, if you're into that sort of thing). So, Exclaim! is here to help make this year's festive gift-giving experiences a little bit easier. To ensure that you get the entertainment-obsessed loved ones in your life a present that's as exciting and interesting as they are, we've put together a list of the festive season's niftiest gifts.  
We've been rolling out the Exclaim! 2015 Holiday Gift Guide in daily instalments. The complete set of seasonal suggestions can be found over here, and you check out our guide to picking out the perfect present for the urban hipster fan in your life below.  

Om/One Levitating Speaker

This Bluetooth-powered speaker is sure to freak out some party guests when they realize that "Hotline Bling" is coming out of a sphere floating in the air. It won't wander around the room — it's tied to a base that it's drawing sound from — but the visual impact remains high. (Om/One)

Best of the Best Show box set

The intersection of indie rock and comedy can be found in this Best of the Best Show box set, which contains 20-plus hours of free-form comedy radio by writer/TV producer Tom Sharpling and Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster. The history of the show, from 2000 to 2013, is chronicled across 16 CDs (including plenty of unaired material) as well as a hardcover book featuring essays from Patton Oswalt, Julie Klausner and Fucked Up's Damian Abraham. (Numero Group)

Taylor Swift "Goo" T-shirt

Sonic Youth fans are sure to recognize the iconic ink drawing and hand-lettered text featured on Sonic Youth's 1990 album Goo. That's why this Taylor Swift 1989 variation — featuring her cat and a little "sick beat" verse from "Shake It Off" — is the perfect tweak for the too-serious indie rock purists in your life. (Scissorsaurus)

Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl: A Memoir
By Carrie Brownstein

Let's face it — no one on the planet is cooler than Carrie Brownstein, on stage with Sleater-Kinney or as the star and co-creator of sketch comedy show Portlandia. In this anticipated autobiography, she reveals her turbulent upbringing, how music enabled a personal reinvention and her first-hand experience in the explosion of rock music from the Pacific Northwest in the 1990s. (Riverhead Books)

Vinyl Mnky

Are you an audiophile vinyl nerd who struggles to make it to your local record store (or live in a location where that's an absurb proposition)? Vinyl Mnky is the delivery service for you! Each month, you'll get the "breakthrough record of the month," usually on 180g, often coloured vinyl as well as "artist curated" extras, which range from liner notes to photos to keychains. This month's record is Chvrches Every Open Eye, and recent selections have included Beach House, Best Coast and Purity Ring. Runs are limited, so while it's not the cheapest vinyl, there's something special on offer with each one. And who doesn't like surprises in the mail? (Vinyl Mnky)