The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Gifts for the Poptimist

The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Gifts for the Poptimist
Illustration By Ben Shannon
The hectic holiday shopping season is upon us once again. But don't worry — Exclaim! is here to make this year's festive gift-giving experiences a little bit easier. To ensure that you get the entertainment-obsessed loved ones in your life a present that's as exciting and interesting as they are, we've put together a list of the festive season's niftiest gifts.
We've started rolling out the Exclaim! 2015 Holiday Gift Guide in daily instalments this week. See the complete set of seasonal suggestions over here, and check out our guide to picking out the perfect present for the poptimist in your life below.

The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory
By John Seabrook

This is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how contemporary hits are meticulously crafted to tweak the brain's pleasure centres — much in the same way that fast food restaurants have perfected their recipes. Artists like Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Rihanna may be the face of these ubiquitous jingles, but Seabrook pulls back the curtain on producers and writers like Max Martin, Stargate and Dr. Luke to find out just what's bubbling in those sonic lab beakers. (W.W. Norton & Company)

1D Inline Skates

Did we select these red and white-branded inline skates just so we can make jokes about the fact that they only go in One Direction? Maybe. Is it because we weren't keen on the pink sequined boots or ballet strap shoes or striped wellies also available at the One Direction online store? Also maybe. Do items like the tattoo and nail set, singing key chain or the "kool lamp" mean that these are geared toward pre-teen girls? We're not here to judge. (One Direction Store)

Taylor Swift Keds

When it comes to artists and fashion, the track record is pretty sketchy, depending on the source. You won't want to take any of the Taylor Swift-inspired Keds to the track, but they're way cooler than a lot of band-branded footwear offerings. From florals and keys to teacups and glitter, there's nice stylistic variety. Hardcore fans are probably going to gravitate to the artist-specific ones: shoes inspired by the 1989 album art, and styles specific to North American, European and Asian tours. (Keds)
Katy Perry Pizza Party

The branded cash grab aimed at young fans is pretty shameless, but the Perry Pizza Party is actually pretty fun. You may (or may not) want to watch her Prismatic World Tour Live Blu-ray, but the PJs, pizza slice necklaces, pencil case, nail decals and signed photo print make this a little more fun for a group of friends than just getting some Perry-branded tote bag. (Katy Perry Shop, Bravado USA)

Nicki Minaj Costumes

It's kind of amazing — given how varied her sartorial choices are, be they on stage, on red carpets, or just on Instagram — that Nicki Minaj has such an instantly recognizable style. She's inviting everyone to play along with her costume collection that includes wigs galore (pink high top, pink bun and Harajuku) and full body suits from space, giraffe, leopard and "New Year's Eve" (topped with the "Rockin' Eve" wig of course). Much more friendly than her "You A Stupid Hoe" T-shirt. (Nicki Minaj Shop, Bravado USA)