The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide: Band Merch

The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide: Band Merch
Continuing the ongoing Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide series today is the best in band merch. Band wares can come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that finding the perfect gift for the music lover on your list shouldn't be too hard. But let us give you a head start: check out our suggestions for some awesome and out-there ideas for the music fan in your life.

The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide: Band Merch:

Gorillaz Chuck Taylors

Not content to allow more wholesome children's cartoon characters to corner the sneaker market, 2D, Murdoc and company signed a deal that will see their ugly mugs plastered over four different designs of these classic kicks (pictured above).

Sunparlour Players preserves

Looking for a way to bottle and preserve the memory of seeing your favourite band? Sunparlour Players have the answer. Backed by a Bernardin Canning endorsement, the Toronto folkies even named an EP after their go-to merch item that features poet Hugh Oliver reading a recipe for Ginger Apple Butter.

Vampire Weekend toque

It gets chilly at those elite Northeastern colleges, and the guys in Vampire Weekend, all Columbia alumni, would know. Thankfully is offering fans of the band a smart toque with the band's name knitted into the sides.

Robyn bird scarf

Hailing from Sweden, a country whose winter climate rivals our own for brrr factor, Robyn knows what it takes to keep fashionably warm. Featuring a flock of the red birds she uses as the logo for her own Konichiwa Records, the scarf is available through the pop diva's website.

King Diamond hot shorts

We're not sure how many female fans Danish metal singer King Diamond has, but someone seems to think there are enough to warrant a move into the hot shorts market. Available through, these short shorts feature the King Diamond logo on the front and a pentagram on the back, because nobody loves booty like Satan loves booty.

Fucked Up sunglasses

They say the sun never sets on cool, but how cool is not being able to see? Whatever. These shades, most likely a nod to the Toronto punks' fake compilation David's Town, lets you "see the world through the eyes of Fucked Up."

Del Tha Funky Homosapien skate decks

West coast MC Del the Funky Homosapien linked up with design company Ink Monstr to design a pair of skate decks with graphics created by Nick Hughes. What's more, each deck comes with a sticker package and grip tape with Del's crew Hieroglyphics' logo on it.

Kurt Cobain sticker Book

This one ranks a solid 11 on the creepy scale. Kurt and the Gang documents "the life, influence and friends" of the late Nirvana front-man in sticker form, including images of Cobain with half of his skull exposed and Courtney Love with a laser shooting out of her bare breast. Available through Belly Kids, fans can also look forward to creeptastic images of Dave Grohl, Daniel Johnson, the Pixies and many others by a slew of different artists.

Grimes pussy rings

For the person who has everything, give them pussy rings.

Stay tuned for more of the Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide all next week.