The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide:

Artists' Wishlists featuring Jully Black, Rose Cousins, Ivy Mari, Aidan Knight

BY Ian GormelyPublished Nov 30, 2012

By now, the Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide should have given you an idea of what your music fan wants this holiday season (and what they definitely do not want). Today, the gift guide ends with final input from some Exclaim!-approved musicians: What's on their wishlist this holiday season?

What music-related gift do you hope to receive this year?

Hannah Georgas: I would love a new/old acoustic guitar.

Aidan Knight: All of the reverb pedals. I would also love to own another copy of Buddy Miles' Live 1971. I've been hunting.

Ivy Mari: I really don't have much of a wishlist, except to spend time with my friends and family. I know, boring, but it's true.

Rose Cousins: A million dollars for a No. 1 hit which I have yet to write. I might need to manage my expectations on this one. I'd love an iTunes certificate. I like having new music all the time. 

  ● Darcy Hancock, Ladyhawk: I hope all the un-used gear I have sells on Craigslist so I can get a Jazzmaster.

Jully Black: I am praying for my new album 8ight to be picked up internationally and break records in every country it is sold in, leading to a sold-out world TOUR!

Lindi Ortega: Man... if I could get a dream gift this year it would be a vintage black Gibson Dove guitar!

What non-music-related gift do you hope to receive this year?

Darcy Hancock, Ladyhawk: I need a new bed, badly. Mine is from the early '60s, from a hotel my great aunt and uncle owned back then.

Aidan Knight: I'm not a huge gift guy, but I love the Wusthof knife that I got last year. I use it every day. Maybe a Le Creuset cast iron/enamel? I'd also just be happy to hang out with my brother.

Hannah Georgas: It would be nice to go somewhere tropical for a week. I'm also planning to take a trip with my mom to Greece. That would be a nice gift I'd give to myself.

Rolf, The Acorn: Cuddles, or maybe a Mazzer coffee grinder.

Rose Cousins: I like getting Confederation Bridge passes so I can go to PEI and hang with my family. Also, ESSO gas certificates. Also, a million dollars. And maybe a real vacation. Again, managing my expectations. Maybe some new boots?

Jully Black: An Electrolux stainless steel FRENCH DOOR refrigerator with IQ-TOUCH controls... I have a little Martha in me ;)

The Luyas: I am always into groceries, pharmacy gift certificates, socks, patch cables, gym memberships, ponies, and Isabel Marant sponsorships. I don't really need any of these things (except the groceries and toothpaste vouchers). I'd settle for a high five and would be extra happy if I got a kiss.

● Tariq Hussain, Brasstronaut: Christmases and birthdays are eternally tied together for me since my birthday happens to be on December 24. So, this Christmas, I'm wishing for my friends to throw me a big birthday party. Every year we talk like it's going to happen, like we're going to have the best birthday bash ever and then — cue "Silent Night" here — everyone forgets. It's fine. I get it. There is, after all, this other big birthday to celebrate followed closely by New Year's Eve and after that, a general aversion to partying altogether until February rolls around. So maybe I should just scrap that wish and go with something easier like world peace.

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