Eric's Trip 'Eric's Trip: 1990-1996' (documentary)

Eric's Trip 'Eric's Trip: 1990-1996' (documentary)
As reported way back in 2008, early '90s indie greats Eric's Trip had their career encapsulated in a music doc called Eric's Trip: 1990-1996. You can now watch it in full online.

Guitarist Rick White uploaded the film, along with a lengthy explanation about where the footage came from. Most of it is ripped from VHS, and he noted that the video quality is a little questionable at times ("I don't recommend blowing it up to full screen"), but he also added that the music has been remastered.

The footage showcases early concerts in New Brunswick, CBC performances and MuchMusic interviews, and goes all the way up to the final show of their original run in 1996.

"The footage and the music is all in chronological order but also laid out in an intentional storyline," White explained. "Some of these live concerts i have in their entirety, some just a rough piece. Though all the clips used, the song lyrics, the photos, everything together was chosen to tell the true story better than we ever could with modern reminiscing. There is no voice over, no type on screen, just the footage. I've edited it all together as clean as i could manage and really fussed over it. This is a much loved part of my history and i really wanted it to be meaningful and true."

You can watch the movie here.