Eric's Trip's 'Love Tara' Treated to Vinyl Reissue

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 11, 2015

Eric's Trip's 1993 full-length Love Tara holds a special place in many '90s-loving alt-rock fans' hearts, but it's pretty hard to track down a copy on vinyl. Twenty-two years after the record's initial release, Sub Pop has announced it's given its first-ever Canadian signees' proper full-length debut a fresh vinyl pressing.

The announcement was made late this afternoon (June 10). Though an official ETA has yet to be determined, the label has put up a pre-order for a limited "Loser" edition of Love Tara through its web store. Once the as-yet-undetailed colour variant is gone, the reissue will be available on traditional black wax. This appears to be a straight-up repress, and it includes a download code.

News of the reissue, which goes for $15 USD, will be a boon for wax hunters looking to track down an affordable copy of Love Tara. Original copies are currently being priced around the $100 mark on resale sites like Discogs.

Love Tara followed a series of cassette releases, the Peter EP and a couple vinyl singles, and introduced the Moncton, NB outfit's blend of fuzzy, punked-up anthems and ruminative, lo-fi experiments to a wider audience. It was the first of three LPs they'd issue through Sub Pop before breaking up in 1996.

You'll find a video for "Stove" down below.

Love Tara:

1. Behind the Garage
2. Anytime You Want
3. Stove
4. Follow
5. Secret for Julie
6. Belly
7. Sunlight
8. June
9. To Know Them
10. Spring
11. Frame
12. May 11
13. My Room
14. Blinded
15. Allergic to Love

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