Eric Chenaux Unveils New Constellation LP

Eric Chenaux Unveils New Constellation LP
Beloved Toronto guitar hero Eric Chenaux released his excellent record Warm Weather with Ryan Driver back in 2010, but he's remained uncharacteristically quiet on the solo albums since then. But that will change shortly, as he's announced a brand new record.

The release is called Guitar & Voice and, as you might have guessed, it is composed entirely of Chenaux's guitar playing and voice. In fact, a press release explains that "Chenaux has made what in a literal sense can be called his first solo album, in that the recording features only his playing and singing; no guest or supporting musicians, minimal overdubs, and a rigorous structure that alternates back and forth between longform, mostly vocal-based tunes and shorter, cacophonously harmonious bowed-guitar instrumentals."

The resulting album sees Chenaux continue to deconstruct genres and explore aspects of jazz, folk, improv, psych and pop, but this time he's doing it all with the concept of "ballads" in mind.

Guitar & Voice was recorded at Six Saint V, a studio apartment that Constellation Records holds for artists visiting Montreal, and mixed at Hotel2Tango. Constellation will release the album on March 6 as a CD, 180-gram LP and digital download.

For now, you can stream the new album track "Amazing Backgrounds" below and watch a video for the song at the bottom of the page.

Guitar & Voice:

 1. "Amazing Backgrounds"
2. "Simple/Frontal"
3. "Dull Lights (White or Grey)"
4. "Sliabh Aughty"
5. "Le Nouveau Favori"
6. "Put In Music"
7. "Genitalia Domestique"
8. "However Wildly We Dream"
9. "Glitzing For Stephen Parkinson"

Amazing Backgrounds by Constellation Records

Eric Chenaux "Amazing Backgrounds" from Constellation Records on Vimeo.