Emma Citrine "Rei's Song"

Emma Citrine 'Rei's Song'
Vancouver-based folk artist Emma Citrine will release her sophomore album Shadowless later this summer, and she's teasing its arrival with a new track called "Rei's Song."
The song tells a story of a person coping with depression, and was written as a means for Citrine to contextualize her own complex feelings. Though it was a cathartic experience writing it, she hopes that others can take their own meaning from it.
"Although this is not a happy song, it includes a provision of hope," she tells Exclaim! "I've come to learn that the existence of the unpleasant and ugly things does not negate our capacity for happiness, nor diminish our intelligence. Once we accept these things, we have power over them."
Listen to "Rei's Song" below.
Shadowless is due out July 20.