Elvis Costello "The Last Year of My Youth" (live on 'Letterman')

Elvis Costello 'The Last Year of My Youth' (live on 'Letterman')
Elvis Costello came through like a champ for David Letterman last night (June 5), taking to the Late Show stage as a last-minute fill-in for absentee guest Lana Del Rey. Making things even sweeter, the pop king came bearing new fruit, namely a track called "The Last Year of My Youth."

Costello hit the stage solo, armed with a Fender and flinging out a fuzz-fried traditional folk melody. Throughout the track, the master storyteller waxes on the "tantalizing eyes" of the ladies he'd see around back when he was about to turn 21, speaks of a head full of hurt and tries to find salvation by starting a new family. It doesn't quite end up as perfect as that, but you can hear for yourself how "The Last Year of My Youth" wraps up.

Costello has a summer's worth of tour dates coming up, with a Toronto stop set to hit Massey Hall on June 14. You'll find the rest of his tour dates here.