Elvis Costello "Brilliant Disguise" / "Fire" (ft. the Roots) (Bruce Springsteen covers) (live on 'Fallon')

Elvis Costello 'Brilliant Disguise' / 'Fire' (ft. the Roots) (Bruce Springsteen covers) (live on 'Fallon')
Yes, it's been a big ol' week of Bruce Springsteen. Along with rolling out his album track by track, the Boss recently hit up Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which has been paying tribute to the musician all week. Along with that Bruce performance on the late-night show, we got the Roots and John Legend taking on "Dancing in the Dark," and now Elvis Costello has teamed up with the Roots to cover the Boss track "Brilliant Disguise."

You can watch that performance below. As an added bonus, you can also listen to Costello and the Roots do Springsteen live favourite "Fire" in a web-exclusive video.

And of course get set for Wrecking Ball on March 6, when it will be released via Columbia Records.

"Brilliant Disguise":