Elk Unveil New Album 'Daydreams'

Elk Unveil New Album 'Daydreams'
Following 2010's self-titled album, Ontario indie rock four-piece Elk are preparing to release the follow-up. Entitled Daydreams, the album is slated to drop on July 17 through IndoorShoes Records.

According to a press release, this new record "showcases the band's maturity while maintaining the throwback nature of their sound. It takes the label of 'garage-rock' and seeks to craft a unique sonic experience that simultaneously pays homage to generations past while injecting fresh ideas and sounds into a genre that is often too pigeonholed."

Get a taste of the Toronto/Niagara-based band's garage-y sound by scrolling past the tracklist for a free download of the upbeat single "Riverview," which blends drawing vocals with crisp guitar strumming and stomping drums.


1. Before the Sun
2. Nowhere
3. Something to Me
4. Come Home
5. If Not for You
6. Every Girl That I Meet
7. Riverview
8. Helpless
9. Memories
10. You're the One
11. Flowers
12. You Know