Elfin Saddle Bring Wurld to DVD

Elfin Saddle Bring <i>Wurld</i> to DVD
Montreal-via-Victoria duo Elfin Saddle made their proper debut back in 2008 with Gigantic Mother/Wounded Child. Since then, the band's Jordan McKenzie and Emi Honda signed with Constellation Records, carrying on their project with 2009's Ringing for the Begin Again and a lengthy mixed media art project, which will soon be released on a DVD called Wurld.

Wurld is a 23-minute film that features a new soundtrack from Elfin Saddle, as well as the visual art project. The film premiered at the Vienna International Film Festival in November of 2009, and made its Canadian debut at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal in May of this year. Both screenings were accompanied by live performances and art installations.

The film's content is best summed up in this excerpt from a press release:

Using the backyard of their Montreal apartment as an installation site, Emi and Jordan evolved and devolved an entire miniature world, conjuring an historical arc of civilization from early settlement and relative harmony with nature to gradual industrialisation, mechanisation and the inevitable discontents of over-production, waste and decline... Emi and Jordan worked on this installation every day for a year, meticulously building, shaping and documenting its trajectory with time-lapse video while also shooting many detailed sequences with stop-motion photography.

In addition to the movie, the Wurld DVD includes a film of Elfin Saddle's performance at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal. The beautifully crafted package will be available on its own or with a limited ten-inch record that includes the film's soundtrack. Constellation will release the set on October 19. A trailer for the film can be seen below.

WURLD trailer - Elfin Saddle from Constellation Records on Vimeo.