Eleanor Friedberger "Because I Asked You" (video)

Eleanor Friedberger 'Because I Asked You' (video)
After issuing her New View LP late last month, Eleanor Friedberger is now offering, well, a new view of one of the tracks via a music video treatment. A vintage media-aware performance video for "Because I Asked You" is streaming now.

Presented to us via the use of a VHS player and a black and white 4:3 screen TV, the clip finds Friedberger and her backup band playing the smoothly rocked number at a fairly empty bar. There, she sings about the connections between tennis stars and "the truth," as patrons play video poker or sip on fresh-poured pilsners.

In a sense, Friedberger's asking you to watch the video. You can take her up on the challenge by pressing play down below.