El Perro Del Mar "In the Woods" (video)

El Perro Del Mar 'In the Woods' (video)
Swedish singer Sarah Assbring reissued her self-titled debut album as El Perro Del Mar last year, and now she's revisited a track off of it for a new music video.
"In the Woods" was included on the release as a previously unreleased demo, and now it's been given some matching visuals courtesy of director Connor Hurley. Assbring remarked on his creation, saying, "not only is [it] a piece of art in itself, it also manages to tie together a then and now — the idea of the innocent past with the more experienced and corrupt now."
El Perro Del Mar is currently prepping an upcoming album titled KoKoro that explores similar themes. Full details have yet to be revealed, but as we wait for the official announcement, relive "In the Woods" with its brand new accompanying video below [via Pitchfork].