Ejecta Become Young Ejecta, Announce 'The Planet' Mini Album

Ejecta Become Young Ejecta, Announce 'The Planet' Mini Album
Late last year, singer Leanne Macomber and producer Joel Ford teamed up to release Dominae, their excellent debut under the Ejecta moniker. Unfortunately, the group were met with a cease and desist notice from the similarly named DJ Ejeca. Refusing to be slowed down, they've updated their moniker and announced a follow-up release.

Now known as Young Ejecta, the duo have re-teamed to prepare a new mini album. The release is called The Planet and features six new songs from the duo.

A press release explains that The Planet is inspired by minimalist electronic music, European disco and '70s pop. On the production end, the release notes that Ford was more strict with his sonic palette, while the lyrics are described as "manic depressive."

"In certain moments, The Planet is decadent, shameless and self-involved, and at others, extremely sparse and omniscient," the release continues.

The Planet will arrive on January 27 via Driftless Recordings, and that's the pretty NSFW album art above. A video trailer for the record is available below.

The Planet:

1. Into Your Heart
2. Welcome to Love
3. All Day
4. Recluse
5. Your Planet
6. What You Done