Eels Explain Why Super Bowl Ad Was Axed

Eels Explain Why Super Bowl Ad Was Axed
In an attempt to introduce the world's shortest advertisement - lasting one whole second - the Eels Super Bowl halftime ad (see clip below) was cut for safety concerns. The band were hoping to broadcast during the largest televised sporting event to promote their latest release Useless Trinkets but the clip couldn't be used and they were notified at the last moment.

"In the end we were told that the NFL would have to find 29 other advertisers to buy one-second spots to fill a standard 30-second advertising slot and that they do not sell advertising time by the second," explained Eels front-man Mark Oliver Everett.

Everett expanded on his comment saying it was "also noted that a rapid fire 30-second segment of 30 one-second commercials could cause people with certain medical conditions to have seizures and that it was against network regulations."

In all seriousness, the one-second epic would have likely been a waste of time and money - $100,000 USD to be exact - while also missed by an audience that would be busy topping up their Bud Lights, using the john or bragging about how great the Patriots were in the season's first 18 games.

Eels' axed one-second Super Bowl ad