Eels "Peach Blossom"

Eels 'Peach Blossom'
As previously reported, Mark Everett returns with his Eels project early next year with a new LP called Wonderful, Glorious. When the record, which Vagrant drops February 5, was first announced, we noted a few pleasantly titled tunes, including "Peach Blossom." That particular song has now surfaced, and despite some saturated fuzz tones, the song is as refreshing as a dewy spring morning.

A bass melody dials up the distortion straight away, and Everett's vocals come off a little growly, but his tale of opening up a window and huffing in an aromatic bouquet of tiger lilies, marigold and — you guessed it — peach blossom soon gets enveloped in an equally pleasing aural cocoon of flutes and xylophone bars.

Check it out below.