Eduard Artemyev's 'Solaris' Score Gets First Official Release

Eduard Artemyev's 'Solaris' Score Gets First Official Release
Over 40 years after Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky's sci-fi classic Solaris hit the theatres, composer Eduard Artemyev's original score for the film is being treated to its first official release. Though previously available as an import bootleg, the legit pressing of the LP arrives via Superior Viaduct on October 1.

A press release likewise notes that this is the original score commissioned by Tarkovsky and not the re-recorded edition that arrived later in the '70s. The work centered around variations on Bach's "Chorale Prelude in F-Minor," and features organ music complemented by "dissonant crescendos and formless, ambient tracks" recorded using an ANS synthesizer. Interestingly, the only prototype of the plate-loading synth was destroyed shortly after the soundtrack was completed.

The vinyl release will feature Movements 1 through 7 on the A-side, and 8 through 17 on the flip. You can sample a bit of the haunting score down below.

Visually, the LP will feature "three unique front-cover designs," one of which you can see up above.


Side 1 - Movements 1 to 7 (24:37)
Side 2 - Movements 8 to 17 (26:34)