#EDM Hashtag Blocked on Instagram

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 4, 2015

In slightly puzzling social media news, the hashtag #EDM has now gone the way of the eggplant emoji, in that it is no longer searchable on Instagram.

Instagram users who attempt to search #EDM will find only a broken link. Digital Music News points out that, as of press time, related hashtags like #edmsexy and #edmsex are still active.

It's not exactly clear why Instagram chose to block #EDM, but the service has a history of banning hashtags associated with sexually explicit or drug-related images. Recently, there was a furor when it blocked #curvy, resulting in the photo-sharing service lifting that particular ban.

Presumably, then, Instagram feels that too many people are tagging #EDM in posts related to drugs, sex, or other illicit behaviour. Then again, maybe the service simply isn't a fan of "a dude in a hat and a pair of fake DJ decks pressing play on a CD player."

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