Eden Samara "High School" (video)

Eden Samara 'High School' (video)
Nelson, BC-born Eden Samara has unleashed her latest single "High School," and Exclaim! is giving you the first look at its accompanying music video.
The video was shot in Mexico and directed by Mark Martin. The crew shot the clip over the course of a week on the outskirts of Playa Del Carmen, relying on a Super 8 camera and the kindness of locals (who welcomed them into their homes and even lent them a truck).
"'High School' revisits a collection of memories I had as a teenager growing up in small town BC," she tells Exclaim! "The title acts as a double entendre: part of it is poking fun at how intense your emotions and relationships can feel at that time, mostly it refers to missing the joy of going to my first raves and doing MDMA for three days out in the woods somewhere."
Samara adeed, "It was important to me to have the visuals stay away from feeling cliché, but have them capture the surrealism and nostalgia I felt when looking back on this chapter of my life."
That effect is achieved with the soft, vintage look of the footage, which pairs particularly well with the dreamy track.
Watch the video for "High School" below.