Early Velvet Underground Singles to Get Reissued in Seven-Inch Box Set

Early Velvet Underground Singles to Get Reissued in Seven-Inch Box Set
If you're a huge Velvet Underground fan, but you can't afford the bazillions of dollars it costs to collect their early seven-inch singles, fantastic reissue imprint Sundazed Music has got your back. The label has just announced that it will be releasing The Velvet Underground Singles 1966-€“69, a box of seven-inches that includes the band's earliest singles.

The box includes exact reproduction of all of the first singles that VU issued, as well as two that were cancelled and never went into production. It comes packaged in a fancy box with rare photos of the band and liner notes written by long-time fan and Rolling Stone writer David Fricke.

The records are mixed in mono sound, which adds to their vintage appeal. As Fricke explains in the press release, "The Velvet Underground were a great singles band... invented modern rock with searing guitar distortion, throbbing improvisation and brutally realistic tales of life on the wild side. But they did it all in these classic pop songs - compact miracles of raw drive, intimate beauty and Top 40 ecstasy, heard again in the original, thrilling mono single mixes."

Sounds a little too sweet to be affordable, right? Actually, Sundazed will be selling the set for $39.98 U.S., and while they plan to keep it in print for a while, they expect to sell out of the first pressing quickly, so a pre-order is probably a wise decision before the box set officially hits the shops on September 15.

Here are the seven inches you'll be getting in the box:

1. "All Tomorrow's Parties" b/w "I'll Be Your Mirror"

2. "Sunday Morning" b/w "Femme Fatale"

3. "White Light/White Heat" b/w "Here She Comes Now"

4. "White Light/White Heat" b/w "I Heard Her Call My Name" *

5. "Temptation Inside Your Heart" b/w "Stephanie Says" *

6. "What Goes On" b/w "Jesus"

7. "VU Radio Spot" b/w "VU Radio Spot 2"

* originally cancelled single