DZ Deathrays "Dollar Chills" (Cadence Weapon remix)

DZ Deathrays 'Dollar Chills' (Cadence Weapon remix)
Aussie garage duo DZ Deathrays will be coming to our country later this month on their North American tour, and the band have got some Canadian love in the form of a remix from Canuck rapper Cadence Weapon.

His version of "Dollar Chills" is a beat-heavy track that blends minimal synths with heavily altered vocals. It gets increasingly quirky at it goes along, as woozy synth motifs are overlaid and the rhythms grow ever more robotic and mechanical. This is a far cry from the fuzz-rocking original, which appeared on the recent album Bloodstreams (out now in Canada on Dine Alone Records).

DZ Deathrays will perform at Montreal's Casa Del Popolo on Tuesday (September 25) and at Toronto's the Drake the following day. See the full North American schedule here.