The Durutti Column's Long-Lost LP 'Short Stories for Pauline' to Finally Receive Official Release

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 31, 2012

Long-running British post-punk act the Durutti Column has an extensive discography, but project mastermind Vini Reilly has yet to properly release the band's scrapped 1983 album Short Stories for Pauline. Almost 30 years after the fact, that will finally change when the long-lost LP is released on June 18 in the UK via Factory Benelux.

FACT notes that this is the first-ever release of the compete album, although some of the tracks have emerged on compilations over the years. This vinyl-only pressing will be limited to 500 remastered copies, which will come with the original catalogue number FBN 36. It also features brand new artwork (see above).

The album includes the track "Duet," which late Factory Records boss Tony Wilson enjoyed so much that he insisted that Reilly write an entire new album based on that track alone. This resulted in the 1984 album Without Mercy, and Short Stories for Pauline was shelved until now.

See the original tracklist below, and pre-order a copy from Picadilly Records if you'd like to get your hands on it.

Short Stories for Pauline:

1. At First Sight

2. Duet

3. College

4. Invitations

5. Destroy, She Said

6. Model

7. Journeys By Vespa

8. Take Some Time Out

9. A Silence

10. Mirror A

11. Cocktail

12. Telephone Call

13. Mirror B

14 A Room in Southport

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