Dragonette "Run Run Run" (video)

Dragonette 'Run Run Run' (video)
Dragonette are usually known for their glitzy and glamourous electro-pop, but singer Martina Sorbara looks a little worse for wear at times in the band's new video for "Run Run Run."

The clip for this beat-heavy song from last year's Bodyparts cuts between images of the frontwoman dancing it up in a club and walking around the streets looking disheveled. Her makeup is smeared and she gets ketchup on herself while munching on a hot dog. This plays out while the word around her goes backwards (much like in Coldplay's decade-old video for "The Scientist").

A press release notes that this video "follows lead singer Martina through crowded, yet lonely, city streets. Juxtaposing glamorous metropolitan lights with dark, gritty cityscapes, the video explores the high and lows we've all felt." Watch it below.