Drag City To Reissue First Two Royal Trux Albums

Drag City To Reissue First Two Royal Trux Albums
Long after their demise, Royal Trux are set to get some reissue treatment early this year. On January 20, Drag City will re-release the first two albums by the dissonant rock duo - 1988's self-titled Royal Trux effort and 1990's Twin Infinitives - giving fans a reminder of the sonic mess Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty made back before they were sucked into ill-fitting subgenres such as "alternative" and "grunge."

Both Royal Trux albums will come pressed up as double LPs (sorry, no CDs) and stick to the original tracklistings. This means there are no extra features or bonus tracks but considering these two albums have been out-of-print for ages, just having them available again should be enough to please most fans.

Although, as Drag City puts it: "Have 20 odd years tamed man's ears enough to hear these records differently today? Wait and see."

Here are the tracklistings for both reissues:

Royal Trux:

1. "Bad Blood"
2. "Incineration"
3. "Strawberry Soda"
4. "Hashish"
5. "Sanction Smith"
6. "Zero Dok"
7. "Touch"
8. "Bits and Spurs"
9. "Esso Dame"
10. "Sice I Bones"
11. "Gold Dust"
12. "Jesse James"
13. "Andersonville"
14. "The Set-Up"
15. "Walking Machine"
16. "Hawk'n Around"

Twin Infinitives:

1. "Solid Gold Tooth"
2. "Ice Cream"
3. "Jet Pet"
4. "RTX-USA"
5. "Kool Down Wheels"
6. "Chances are the Comets in Our Future"
7. "Yin Jim Versus The Vomit Creature"
8. "Osiris"
9. "(Edge of the) Ape Oven"
10. "Florida Avenue Theme"
11. "Lick My Boots"
12. "Glitterbust"
13. "Funky Son"
14. "Ratcreeps"
15. "New York Avenue Bridge"

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