Doves Get Their Own Best-Of

Doves Get Their Own Best-Of
After 12 years and four full-length albums, Doves have announced they'll be releasing a best-of compilation this spring. Dubbed The Places Between: The Best of the Doves, the release will hit North American on April 6 via Astralwerks/Heavenly.

Fans will have the choice to pick up a single-disc version - which includes the Manchester band's more more recognizable songs like "The Cedar Room," "Black & White Town," "There Goes The Fear" and "Pounding," as well as the new single "Andalucia" - or, if they are of the more hardcore variety, fans can grab a triple-disc edition. On the latter, a whole disc of B-sides and rarities will be included, along with a DVD featuring all the band's music videos.

The Places Between: The Best of the Doves:

CD 1 -€“ The Best Of

1. "There Goes The Fear"
2. "Black and White Town"
3. "Snowden"
4. "Here It Comes"
5. "Words"
6. "Kingdom Of Rust"
7. "Sea Song"
8. "Pounding"
9. "10:03"
10. "Catch The Sun"
11. "Jetstream"
12. "The Man Who Told Everything"
(Summer Version) 13. "Andalucia"
14. "Caught By The River"
15. "The Cedar Room"

CD 2 -€“ Rarities, B sides and alternate versions

1. "Blue Water"
2. "Eleven Miles Out"
3. "Rise"
4. "Darker"
5. "Push Me On"
6. "Willow's Song"
(Bury Version) 7. "Valley"
8. "Northenden"
9. "M62 Song"
10. "Drifter"
11. "Friday's Dust"
(Capitol Tower Session) 12. "Almost Forgot Myself"
(Demo) 13. "Your Shadow Lay Across My Life"
14. "The Last Son"
15. "The Sulphur Man"
16. "At The Tower"
(Instrumental Edit) 17. "Reprise"
18. "Ambition"
19. "Firesuite"
(Noise Version)


1. "The Cedar Room"
2. "Sea Song"
3. "Here It Comes"
4. "Catch The Sun"
5. "Man Who Told Everything"
6. "There Goes The Fear"
7. "Pounding"
8. "Caught By The River"
9. "Black and White Town"
(directors cut) 10. "Snowden"
(live edit) 11. "Sky Starts Falling"
12. "Kingdom Of Rust"
13. "Winter Hill"