Doors to Close on Jim Morrison-Inspired Bar in Paris?

Doors to Close on Jim Morrison-Inspired Bar in Paris?
A bar in Paris that pays tribute to the Doors and late, iconic singer Jim Morrison has been hit with some rather strange legal troubles. You may want to break on through to Lezard King (yep, that's the name of the bar), but the band's management is none too pleased about the place.

As the Associated Press reports, bar owner Cristophe Maillet was recently sent a letter from the Doors' Beverly Hills-based lawyer, Anthony Keats, warning that "The Doors do not want to be seen as having approved of your establishment and also the consumption of alcohol."

Maillet's establishment, which is decorated with band memorabilia, from posters to a bust of Morrison that rests over the beer tap, has been a dream of his for over 25 years and has been open for less than a year. The lifelong fan of the band serves cocktails that pay tribute to the Doors' back catalogue: "Light My Fire" blends rum, Cointreau and citrus juices, while the "Roadhouse Blues" mixes tequila, Cointreau and blue curacao.

It's supposed that lawyers find the bar distasteful, considering Morrison's untimely end. After years of partying hard, the singer died in a Paris bathtub of heart failure at the age of 27.

While no specific threats were mentioned in the letter, it urged Maillet to remove all images of the band within the next three months, AP reports. Maillet supposes that the "worst-case scenario is that they could close the bar," he told the news agency.

He's considering adding more '60s and '70s rock iconography to the decor to move the focus away from just the Doors. He refuses, however, to change the name of the bar, itself a play on Morrison's "Lizard King" persona. Regardless of how the lawyers feel, the bar owner meant for the bar to pay tribute to his favourite band.

"I didn't do this to destroy [The Doors'] image or to dirty it," Maillet explained. "I did it to make them happy."