Doomsday Student Take 'A Walk Through Hysteria Park' on New LP, Premiere Video

Doomsday Student Take 'A Walk Through Hysteria Park' on New LP, Premiere Video
Following a few minor delays, Providence, RI noise rock weirdos Doomsday Student will deliver their sophomore set A Walk Through Hysteria Park on October 21 via Three One G.

Comprising former Arab on Radar members Eric Paul, Stephen Mattos, Craig Kureck and Paul's former Chinese Stars bandmate Paul Vieira, the group had previously announced the album would land in early September, but new listings have confirmed that the record has been pushed back to a late October release. The nine-song set follows the outfit's 2011 debut A Jumper's Handbook, which had been delivered via the Anchor Brain imprint.

A press release explains that, like their work in Arab on Radar, the new Doomsday Student LP dismantles rock conventions, sounding something like "four refrigerators dropped down an elevator shaft."

To sample the set, the band have streamed the set's "Lifeboat Blues" and delivered a video for opener "Disappearing." If the latter's clanking snare rolls, string unfurling licks and deep, penetrating yelps of singer Paul weren't weird enough, just check the clip's trio of anthropomorphic arachnid creatures, who alternate between playing pattycake and dropping silk string and an assortment of Penn-grade tennis balls from the tenderest of regions.

You'll find the whole confusing thing down below, where you'll also discover a tracklisting.

A Walk Through Hysteria Park:

1. Disappearing

2. Murder In The Kitchen

3. Suburban Awards

4. You And Your City Teeth

5. The Lean

6. I Piss Sunshine

7. Four Knuckles

8. Hunting For A Headshrinker

9. Lifeboat Blues