Domino Preps Extensive Robert Wyatt Reissues

Domino Preps Extensive Robert Wyatt Reissues
If you're tired of scouring eBay to get your Robert Wyatt fix, the reissuing minds of Domino are getting set to make life a bit easier. The UK-based label will soon be re-releasing a whole swak of hard-to-come-by — and often pricey — Wyatt albums, reviving "one of the most distinguished, visionary, influential and singular catalogs in contemporary music." Or at least that's how Domino so kindly puts it.

The first string of reissues lands October 27 and includes Wyatt's Drury Lane, Rock Bottom, Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard and Nothing Can Stop Us. And if this wasn't enough, on November 17 Domino will put out a sound round of re-releases: Old Rottenhat, Dondestan, Shleep, Cuckooland and a collection of EPs. All the above will be made available not only on CD but also on vinyl, which will mark a first for a few of these albums.

In the words of Domino: "To listen to these albums again is to hear not only a career spanning genres from pop to avant-garde, it's an evolution of ideas, emotions and characters across the whole human condition. A catalog that demands a Professor Richard Dawkins seminar all of its own."

In other Wyatt release news, on October 20 the label will release his new non-album single "This Summer Night," which finds the former Soft Machine member working alongside French producer/composer Bertrand Burgalat on the A-side and being remixed by Hot Chip on the B-side. Also, just in time for Christmas, Domino will be releasing an entire box set of Wyatt material. As of yet, though, no details on that release have been revealed.

Now, here are the tracklistings for Round One of the Wyatt reissues:

Drury Lane
1. "Introduction by John Peel”
2. "Dedicated to You but You Weren't Listening”
3. "Memories”
4. "A Sea Song”
5. "A Last Straw”
6. "Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road”
7. "Alife”
8. "Alifib”
9. "Mind Of A Child”
10. "Instant Pussy”
11. "Signed Curtain”
12. "Calyx”
13. "Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road”
14. "I'm a Believer”

Rock Bottom
1. "Sea Song”
2. "A Last Straw”
3. "Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road”
4. "Alifib”
5. "Alife”
6. "Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road”

Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard
1. "CP Jeebies”
2. "N.I.O. (New Information Order)”
3. "Dondestan”
4. "Sight of the Wind”
5. "Shrinkwrap”
6. "Catholic Architecture”
7. "Worship”
8. "Costa (Memories Of Under-Development)”
9. "Left on Man”
10. "Lisp Service”

Nothing Can Stop Us
1. "Born Again Cretin”
2. "At Last I Am Free”
3. "Caimanera”
4. "Grass”
5. "Stalin Wasn't Stallin'”
6. "Red Flag”
7. "Strange Fruit”
8. "Arauco”
9. "Trade Union”
10. "Stalingrad”

Robert Wyatt "I'm a Believer”