Do U Like Night Bus? Mix

 <i>Do U Like Night Bus?</i> Mix
Canadian electronic BFFs Babe Rainbow and CFCF have been chopping and screwing everything they touch since recently announcing their "Screw the Right Thing" night at this year's Pop Montreal. First, their was BR's Screwed mix, then CFCF followed suit with Slow R&B for Zellers Locations Canada-Wide. Proving he's remarkably fast at slowing things down, CFCF has now dropped another screwed-up mix.

The new mix is called Do U Like Night Bus? and sees the Montreal-based artist have his hand at selections from Aaliyah, Ciara, The-Dream, Bun B and others. In a press release CFCF dude Mike Silver explains that "night bus is a silly little term that originated on Hipinion that describes not a certain genre but a certain feeling of music... can't quite describe what it is but Eno, G-Side, David Sylvian, DJ Screw, Angelo Badalamenti, Lil B, and the Akira soundtrack, are all super night bus."

Initiate yourself into the wonders of "night bus" with the new mix, available for download via The FADER over here. If you're at Pop Montreal, don't forget to check out "Screw the Right Thing" on October 1 at Il Motor

Do U Like Night Bus?:

1. "Intro"

2. Aaliyah "4 Page Letter" remix

3. "Trap or Die/Aguirre/Go/Push Upstairs Suite"

4. Kingdom "Pathfinder"

5. Instra:mental "Watching You"

6. Ciara "Ride Night Bus" (remix)

7. The-Dream "Make Up Bag" (screw)

8. Prgz "Rollin'" (DJ Ayres remix)

9. Bun B "Draped Up" (remix)