DJ Kentaro "Free”

Following up his show-stopping On the Wheels of Solid Steel mix for Ninja Tune, the Japanese DMC World Champ is now mingling with Spank Rock for this joint that goes hand in hand alongside the potty-mouthed Baltimore Club beats the MC’s group has made (in)famous. The first single from his forthcoming debut artist album, Enter, "Free” is and a heavy slab of electro that pushes the drama with some piercing, rapid-fire trills. The beats are expertly crafted, with squelches and bass slides that pump the adrenaline while MC Spank Rock drops his pervy, debauched rhymes with a cool-as-fuck disposition. If the rest of the album’s anything like this, Kentaro’s gonna get himself a face full of booty. The video for this track is an added bonus, portraying a fascist regime that has prohibited vinyl and ransacks the homes of DJs — an obvious nightmare for the turntablist.
DJ Kentaro "Free"