Disappears "Another Thought" (video)

Disappears 'Another Thought' (video)
If you're in need of a time-out from your stressful work day, the meditative, minimalist post-rock sounds of Chicago outfit Disappears have been paired with a soothing set of watery visuals. A fluid video for the group's "Another Thought" has just been delivered to help promote their upcoming Irreal LP.

The clip's a simple one, bouncing back and forth between various shots of rippling rapids and graceful oceanic waves. Scoring this is transcendental, Sonic Youth-style six-stringing, hypnotic drum rumbling and an inner calm-inducing mantra ("another thought, another memory").

You can soak in the sights of the "Another Thought" video down below, courtesy of FACT.

Kranky will have Disappears' fifth full-length in stores January 19.